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Image of Black & White House (Architectural Icon Series) (Fine Art Print)

Black & White House (Architectural Icon Series) (Fine Art Print)


Watch a short video on our Singapore Architectural Style prints.

Black and white bungalows are white-painted bungalows, in a style once commonly used to house European colonial and expatriate families in tropical climate colonies, typically the Southeast Asian colonies of the British Empire in the nineteenth century. In Malaysia and Singapore, they were built from the 19th century until World War II. The style incorporated elements of UK’s Arts and Crafts and Art Deco movements as well as the need of wealthy expatriate families for airy and spacious family homes. Black-and-Whites were built by wealthy families, the leading commercial firms and above all, the Public Works Department and the British Armed Forces.

In our poster, we capture the upper part of a Black & White house with its traditional windows and black and white bamboo blinds. Also, we have captured a floral icon of Singapore: the red sealing wax palm (cyrtostachys renda), seen all around the island and famously featured in the logo of the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

This print is printed on high quality white thick Fine Art Paper that gives it an exclusive feel.

The dimensions of the print are 30cm by 40cm. A frame is not included. Please note that there may be some minor variance as the prints are hand-cut.

You have the option to add wooden poster hangers to your order.

Delivery usually takes 5 - 10 working days.
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