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Image of Shophouse (Architectural Icon Series) (Fine Art Print)

Shophouse (Architectural Icon Series) (Fine Art Print)

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Shophouses are vernacular architectural buildings that are commonly seen in urban Southeast Asia. Shophouses are mostly two or three stories high, with a shop on the ground floor for mercantile activity and a residence above the shop. This hybrid building form characterises the historical centres of most towns and cities in the Southeast Asia region. Traditional shophouses facade ornamentation draws inspiration from the Malay, Chinese and European traditions. The degree of a shophouse’s ornamentation depends on the prosperity of its owner and the surrounding area.

In our poster, you will find a section of a shophouse from the late 1930s transitional period with less lavish ornamentation. The Chinese characters in the top row mean from left to right Singapore Republic Celebration, an homage to the republic’s 50s birthday. The characters in the bottom row mean (from left to right): prosperity, health. Finally, we added the republic’s birth year of 1965 above the front door, again to commemorate the occasion.

This print is printed on high quality white thick Fine Art Paper that gives it an exclusive feel.

The dimensions of the print are 30cm by 40cm. A frame is not included. Please note that there may be some minor variance as the prints are hand-cut.

Delivery usually takes 5 - 10 working days.

After you place your order, we will get back to you within 24 hours to inform you about when you can expect your print.

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