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Supporting small businesses

In today's fast paced online shopping world, you might be used to fast shipping and free returns of large online shopping platforms.

How are they able to provide this fast paced service? They focus on standardized mass-produced products that appeal to a broad global audience and they can afford large inventory of pre-produced goods.

In contrast, our small business offers a product that aspires to be highly relevant to only a small niche audience and we do not have the financial power to hold large inventory.

That is why we are operating on a so-called print-on-demand model.

What does that mean? It means that when you order from us, rather than picking up the ready-made print from our inventory, our fulfilment partner directly prints your order and ships it. It means that fulfilment and shipping typically takes a bit longer compared to when you order from the big online giants.

It also means less waste and less mass-produced junk in this world :-)

We hope it's worth the wait because this business model allows small businesses like ours to serve our niche audience.

We love that you support small businesses this way and sincerely thank you for your business.

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